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Our stories

G’day, I’m Josie and I guess you could say I’m the founder of Ability Agriculture. I thought I’d introduce myself and get the ball rolling.

I’m originally from a beef cattle farm near Kempsey, NSW, I work in crop research and my dads been in a wheelchair since I was 5 years old.

A conversation with Dad in the paddock was the beginning of Ability Agriculture; acknowledging a lack of conversation, awareness and representation for disability in agriculture.

So welcome to Ability Agriculture.

A place to share stories and create a community for not only rural Australians that have a disability but also carers, family members, health professionals, agribusinesses or anyone with an innovation making agriculture and rural Australia more accessible for those with a disability.

Our aim is to increase representation, opportunity and awareness for disability in agriculture and show that agriculture can be a truly inclusive and diverse industry for anyone to consider as a career.

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G’day I’m Nigel Corish and I’m a broadacre farmer of grain, pulses and cotton, New Leaf Ag in Goondiwindi, QLD.

What I love about agriculture is the science, management and process of producing a crop from seed, to harvest, to the food and fibre we can use.

I was born with cerebral palsy which affects the movement of the right side of my body. Challenges on farm for me were learning to drive a vehicle and tractors with one handed throttle and a modified hand splint that helps me start smaller syphon pipes.

My advice for everyone is to be positive and don’t be afraid to put your hand up. For most of my life I thought I was different and didn’t have the confidence to speak up or put my hand up for opportunities. Now I’m glad I did.

Hi, I’m Felicity Weal Para Equestrian – a farmhand, athlete and full-time mum to a 2 year old from Cowra, NSW. Our enterprises are predominantly sheep and cattle but we have recently tried our hand in cropping.

In 2017 I had an accident on the farm in which I fell through a roof, 5m to the ground and broke my back. I am an “incomplete” paraplegic as my spinal cord is still in tact. I don’t have use of my legs but I do have some muscles. No challenge in life has been too great so far. It took me a long time to figure out my new body’s normals as is expected.

When getting back into riding, I just took it one day at a time with what felt comfortable for me- and I am still doing that to this day! I have even had a beautiful baby boy as a paraplegic and again, its just one day at a time.

G’day I’m Gayle Shann and I’m from Clermont QLD. With my husband Mac we run a stud and beef cattle operation and horse breeding program at our property, Cantaur Park.

My right arm and shoulder blade was amputated and my left arm is paralysed after an accident with a post hole digger. Adjusting to get back on the farm was difficult of course, but soon I accepted my injuries and changes to my lifestyle as I was grateful to be alive.

I help out with mustering with my 4 wheeler, which two generous people modified for me and I do all the books for our business by using a giant keyboard and rollerball mouse on the floor using my feet.

My words of advice are we have to learn to be resilient and not give up on something we are trying to achieve. Be thankful for what we have and don’t dwell on what we don’t.